Wherever your interests may lie, whether in sustainability, drones, economics, marketing, or any number of other interesting topics, you can be sure there was something for everyone at the third annual REDay that took place this past Wednesday.

Over the past few years, many wonderful, new academic, and social events, have been brought to Bryant’s campus. From the Diversity Contest, to the public speaking colloquium, and, finally, to REDay, there has been no lack of intellectually stimulating and thought provoking events for which students and faculty can display their achievements.

REDay, which stands for Research and Engagement Day, devotes one full academic day to showcasing and promoting the innovative, creative, and thought provoking research conducted by Bryant’s own students, faculty, and staff members. For some projects, students work with one another,
but it is not uncommon to find a group of students who work alongside a talented faculty or staff member on a collaborative project.

In this unique environment students and teachers can come together to share in the experience of working on a joint project, bringing some integration to an often segregated environment where the teachers teach and the students learn and work on their own (like in every day classes).

In the early hours of the morning this past Wednesday, anyone outside of the Bryant community might have been impressed to see the hundreds of dressed up students, faculty and staff scrambling around campus like a hive of busy bees. But these distinguished community members were not just making their way to another day of classes; rather, they were preparing to spend the next nine hours exhibiting research they had spent months, maybe longer, conducting. From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, there were over 300 students, and 65 faculty and staff members giving over 100 presentations on any number of different topics.

This event reaches far beyond the desire to relay findings gathered by countless hours of research, investigation, and hard work; it strives to expand upon existing bodies of knowledge, and to garner a deeper degree of understanding for a particular area of interest. In the welcoming remarks on the REDay schedule, José‐MarieGriffiths, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, described the event by saying: “Here at Bryant, we maintain a strong commitment to not only pass on existing knowledge, we also want students to have hands‐on opportunities to learn the skills of creating knowledge. Participating with faculty and other students on projects like those showcased at REDay is an integral experience to becoming an educated person.”

In many ways, it seems fitting that this year Bryant celebrated 150 years of outstanding academic and creative excellence; for it is through events like REDay that we are reminded, not just every 150 years, but every single year that the Bryant community has so much to offer in so many ways. There is no limit to what a Bryant community member may achieve: especially at REDay. REDay encourages all students to join, in any number of ways, whether through presenting, or just going to the event. Committee member, Sam Grabelle shared her thoughts on what it was like to be a part of this wonderful event, saying: “for my third year of the committee it was so gratifying to see how REDay has caught on. It was especially cool to see all of the creative presentations. Personally, I enjoyed working with my colleagues and students to prepare and present our sessions.”

If you had a chance to enjoy any number of presentations during the third
annual REDay, I am sure you will be able to appreciate the amount of hard work and dedication that all members of the Bryant community put into their work. If, for some reason, you happened to miss this year’s event, you can be sure REDay will be back again next year with a whole new level of work.

The full list of committee members who worked so hard to put on, and execute, this wonderful event include: Laurie Hazard & Andres Ramirez: the co-chairs of the REDay committee. Committee members included: Angela Wicks, Christopher Reid, Daniela Espinosa Rodriguez, Jeffrey Kannally, Joseph Bona, Julia Crowley- Parmentier, Karen Maguire, Kelsey Nowak, Margaret Wong, Michelle Powers, Nicole Freiner, Sam Grabelle, Sharon Doyle, Stephanie Carter, Sue Wandyes, Tammy Duxbury, Tracie Sweeney, Yeawoma Johnson