Though common stereotype paints the female gender as the primary shoe collector, men can and should treat themselves to a wide variety of footwear. In fact, there are several types of shoes every guy should own or pursue obtaining.

1. Moccasins

If you don’t own a pair of ‘mocks,’ you’re missing out. Moccasins range in style and material, but consistently offer convenience and comfort. Typically designed to slip into without laces, mocks have become a staple part of my shoe collection and are perhaps my most frequented footwear. Everyone needs that one pair of shoes they can slip on on their way out, and moccasins offer such handiness with the added bonus of comfort.

2. Timberland Work Boots

The best purchase I made in high school was undoubtedly my Timberland boots. Those things have been through hell and back more than a few times. Despite being almost 5 years old, my boots still fit and function perfectly. However, they are much more of a fall than a winter boot. Yes, they are 100% water proof; in fact I have submerged my entire foot into a frozen pond and my socks remained bone dry; but they are far from warm. The thin leather material is perfect for protecting your feet from the snow, but not so much the cold. Work boots are also my go to when it comes to yard work or manual labor. It is practically impossible to get them too dirty, and any stain or blemish is just another mark of an adventure I’ve had. Do yourself a favor and buy some work boots, functional and trendy, they are well worth the investment.

3. Slippers

If you call yourself a college student, but haven’t discovered the luxury a nice pair of slippers can offer, you may need to reconsider. Slippers are essential to the college lifestyle. Comfortable, casual, and warm, slippers are a key element of dorm room living.

No one wants to lace up their shoes late at night or early in the morning and there’s absolutely no chance of my naked feet touching the gross bathroom floor, so my slippers are often utilized.  Also, in – hall travel and studying dominate the circumstances under which I wear my slippers.

When running to a neighboring suite I have virtually no desire to throw on a stiff pair of sneakers, and why would I wear anything less than my most comfortable footwear when I’m trapped in the library? Ever notice how your dad wears slippers around the house on the weekends? I’m willing to bet he picked that up during his college tenure. Some things change but slippers are just as classic as Cinderella.

4. That One Obnoxious Pair

I’m sure everyone has experienced the same phenomenon regarding a particularly vibrant pair of shoes. I personally have fallen victim to my initial admiration over powering my actual taste, but in no way regret it. In fact my obnoxious pair of shoes is easily one of my favorites. Though they are a little larger and more colorful than my typical pair, they capture my personality perfectly, just in a more outwardly expressed manner.

Splurge a little and treat yourself to that pair of shoes that grab your attention even if you’re not sure how often you’ll be able to wear them; I’m confident you won’t regret it.

5. Basketball Shoes

I suppose if you don’t ever play basketball, this one doesn’t really apply to you. However, the vast number of readers that do, likely understand the effect your shoes can have on your game. That being said, the price of the shoe is irrelevant. People spend upwards of $200 on the latest LeBron and Kevin Durant endorsed shoes, but even those are generically strikingly similar to standard brands in material and instrumentality.

I recently bought myself a pair of Nike Hyper Distributors for $40 and they function just as well as an elite pair would. Basketball shoes are unique in the sense that each person has their own preferences of fit and support. This makes the search for the perfect basketball shoe a matter of trial and error, but once you find the pair that fits just right your game will ultimately reach its prime.