Editorial Correction: The printed edition of this article lists the incorrect author. Josh Cutting, Contributing Writer is the author of this article. 

Special Olympics has been part of my life since my freshman year at Bryant, and it has been nothing short of incredible. From planning the event to coordinating volenteers on the actual day of games it is always a new adventure.

Currently, along with my Assistant Director Taylor Bell and Committee Coordinator Robyn Ringuette, we are selecting my committee which is the body that brings the day of games to life. The day of games is set to be on Saturday May 4th of 2013. Without our committee we wouldn’t be able to do it. As a Committee we are responsible for absolutely everything, be it booking the field to buying hotdog buns for the day of games barbecue.

The committee is about 25 people who work hard during spring semester in order to
put together the best day of games we can. The general time commitment is about an hour a week, less in the beginning but as May 4th approaches it gets a little busier. Each position is different but they can be split into two main categories, pre day of games and day of games.

A pre day of games position is the program chair, they must create and order the program weeks before the Games occur. Then there is the track and field core director who doesn’t have many responsibilities leading to the event, but when May 4th comes they are responsible for all of the track and field events running smoothly. This is great for students who want to help out but don’t have a lot of time during the week as they can be on the committee, but don’t have too many responsibilities leading up to May 4th. It is also great for the student looking to find their place at Bryant with an amazingly rewarding experience with Special Olympics Rhode Island.

There is a position for every kind of person; we need marking, finance, communications, as well as people with strong leadership and inter-personal skills. Every position on my committee is crucial to the overall success of Special Olympics at Bryant University.

Although the application process is coming to a close, it is not too late! Head to the student Senate Office on the 3rd floor of the Bryant Center to grab an application! They are due back the 5th. Even if you are not selected for the committee there are plenty
of opportunities to help out throughout the semester, and we rely on volunteers the day of games.

Without the volunteers we would not be able to help the hundreds of athletes and families who come to enjoy this great event put on by Bryant. Overall joining Special Olympics has been one of the best decisions I have made in my time at Bryant, I have never experienced anything as rewarding or fun. Don’t take my word for it, apply today and see for yourself. Maybe you’ll love it too, and maybe one day you’ll be running the show.