• Beginning August 1, the U.S Postal Service will be stopping the delivery of letters on Saturdays. They will however continue to deliver packages on Saturdays, and some offices will stay open to accept packages and sell stamps. The postal service posted a $15.9 billion net loss in their 2012 fiscal year. Cutting Saturday mail delivery will save them about $2 billion a year.

• The Boy Scouts of America has delayed making any decision on the gay ban. They are waiting for a national meeting in May before making any final decisions. Currently on the table is a proposal to allow local troops to decide for themselves who they would allow. Originally, the national BSA encouraged the public to offer feedback on its proposals, but, after receiving more than they expected, stopped taking phone calls. President Obama has even shown support for the repeal in a evening interview on CBS.

• President Obama took steps to make sure that the Republicans lose the sequester battle. He told Republicans
that any deal to avoid the sequester will contain more revenue. He believes the cuts they are proposing don’t have to happen. The president stated that he has offered sensible reforms to Medicare and other entitlements that would, in fact, reduce the government’s bills without shifting the burden on the elderly, poor, or working poor. There would be no reason to keep the loopholes and use them for more tax cuts. Obama has said that a full budget might not be finished by the sequester deadline, but asked Congress to pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms in order to delay the sequester.

• The iron game piece in Monopoly boards is being replaced. Its replacement will be a cat, which in the end received 31 percent of the vote. This new piece will be introduced when the next edition hits stores in late summer.