ceoBryant University will be hosting the 2nd annual New England Entrepreneurial Conference on February 22-23 located in the University’s Bello Center. Bryant’s Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization is looking to take a different approach towards a workshop that helps aspiring entrepreneurs and students make their dreams a reality. Listening to the success stories of developed entrepreneurs is extremely inspirational, but we believe many details of exactly how their success came about are left out. With a passionate desire to spread entrepreneurship and inspiration, CEO plans to provide attendees with ‘how-to’ workshops teaching specific skill sets necessary to launch a business idea.

BU_NEEC will be hosting multiple high profile keynote speakers such as Chris Stevens, the co-founder of Keurig. CEO is proud to be offering an event that gives you the opportunity to listen and interact with our conference guests. BU_NEEC will offer insight and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs to make an impact in their future during and after your education. For more information about event sign up and event details please visit