golfEveryone has their own way of relaxing. Some like to sleep, some listen to music but not me, I love to play golf. Thankfully, I am not the only one on this campus that loves to play golf. At the beginning of the year I joined the Golf Club just to be able to say that I joined a couple clubs my freshman year.

The next couple of months showed me that this golf club was not just any club but in my opinion it’s the best club we have on this campus. The best part of this club has to be the people in it.

From the day I signed up to be a part of this club, I received emails, Facebook friend requests, and texts from the guys who ran the club. I immediately felt welcomed and as an incoming freshman knowing only one person from home at Bryant, I was just happy to be making friends and meeting new people. The constant contact that the E-Board had with the new members really helped the club grow because everyone in the club feels welcome and we all share a common interest: Golf.

Another great aspect of the Golf Club is that it opens up the ability to play tournaments while we are at school. These tournaments are a great way to meet people from other schools, but most importantly they give you a chance to compete like many of us did on high school teams. These tournaments are a lot of fun, and they have prizes for the top players so there is always good competition.
You don’t have to play in the tournaments to be in the club though; there are always signup sheets on the Facebook group to play during the week and on the weekends.

The Golf Club, along with CollegeGolfPass, provides members of the club with discounted rates on courses near the school as well as free driving range days during the year. The discounted rounds alternate on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday as well as Sunday to accommodate to any student’s schedule. The driving range day is usually on Friday or Saturday during the afternoons.

Don’t think that you need to know how to golf to join the club; you could always go to these range days and learn how to swing. Whether you are an ace or a beginner, as long as you want to play, the golf club can help you in meeting your expectations, no matter if it’s competing in tournaments or just learning the basic swing. To get all these great deals when you join the club there is a $20 fee per semester but after you pay the fee it usually costs only $5-$10 to walk 9 holes.

The courses that we play at are Crystal Lake, Country View, and Triggs Memorial. These courses are pretty close to campus which makes playing so convenient with the club. Since the Golf Club has only been a club for 3 semesters, gaining leadership roles in the club wouldn’t be difficult if you show enthusiasm and are active in the club. So if the Golf Club sounds like something you would want to be a part of, join the Facebook group: Bryant University Golf Club.