This past week, the Bryant University community took off in all different directions for the Thanksgiving break. A holiday centered around family, food, and thanks, offered a much-needed pause from schoolwork for students stressing about the looming finals. In the spirit of giving, many families take Thanksgiving as an opportunity to give to those in need and in doing so, seek out charitable organizations through which to donate. Clothing items are a fantastic donation for both giver and receiver; as trends cycle in and out, so do our wardrobes, leading to an opportunity to donate your good-condition, out-of-date clothes to worthy organizations. Some fabulous charities include:

1. Salvation Army: The reliable charity, the Salvation Army, has been turning over unwanted clothing for well over 100 years. With endless ways to give, this trusted organization is a great

and easy resource to utilize while condensing your closet space. Boasting dependability and convenience, the Salvation Army even offers many drop-off areas around the country in which you can donate your items. While you’re cleaning out your closets, you might as well cover the rest of the house because the Salvation Army also accepts bedding, household items, books, electronics, toys, furniture, etc. The holidays are the perfect time to donate, with new presents to fill your homes, old items can be recycled and reused instead of going to waste.

2. The Hurricane Sandy Relief Foundation: Many people from Bryant were affected both personally and indirectly from the recent destructive storm, Hurricane Sandy. With many students and faculty hailing from affected areas, this foundation is possibly the most relevant to Bryant and its community at this time. Offering merchandise of which a percentage of the sales “go towards food, clothing, supplies, aid in rescue and cleanup efforts, and the future rebuilding of communities and lives destroyed by Hurricane Sandy,” suggests many ways to help out. With uplifting and cute products such as the She Beads Sandy Relief Bracelet and “Jersey Strong” t-shirts, donating can pay off to the tune of new clothing and accessories for you! To purchase merchandise and find out more, visit

3. Dress for Success: This incredible foundation’s mission is to equip women for job interviews by providing both the right clothing and interview skills to land the job! Your retired professional attire from Business 101 acts as a wonderful gift to struggling women who are unable to produce their own attire for professional events. Donations can come in the form of clothing, sponsorship, or on-site assistants who can volunteer for everything from personal shopping, to editing resumes, to sorting the donations.

The holiday season is a great time to appreciate the things you have, but also to reassess what you truly need. Donations to charities can directly impact and improve the lives of those who need a little assistance this winter. Endless opportunities for giving exist this season; it’s just a matter of seeking out the right organization. With the right tools, everyone can make a difference in someone’s life this year.