Yes, what you’ve heard is correct, Argo is fantastic. Most movies that are based on a true story could have been made shortly after the occurrence, but not Argo. Argo was classified information until the late 1990s, which is why this story wasn’t told earlier.

I would recommend Argo to just about any moviegoer (I even told my parents to see this movie). It is a great combination of drama, action, and surprisingly some thriller as well. Ben Affleck is the lead and I enjoy about 75% of the movies he stars in. Some of his notable hits are Pearl Harbor, Good Will Hunting, The Town, and State of Play. I think he does a great job in the drama/ action genre.

Try to follow me here – this movie is based on a true story about a movie that is not real. Affleck plays Tony Mendez who was a CIA agent in the 1970s. Mendez
is very risky, but has been successful in getting people home. His job is to try to rescue six diplomats during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. He comes up with the fake Hollywood movie and leads his team of fake camera men, producers, etc. through the streets of Iran to pull off the rescue. If the government (or anyone) found out they were American, everyone would have died.

Bryan Cranston, who you might know from the popular TV series Breaking Bad, is Mendez’s boss, Jack O’Donnell. I wish we had more from Cranston, because I know he is such a good actor. I definitely felt they could have used his character more in the early stages of the movie.

John Goodman, who you know from hundreds of movies (I remember him as Fred Flintstone), and Alan Arkin are a great pair for this movie. Goodman and Arkin play characters who were Hollywood hot shots that signed on for the fake movie called “Argo” to make the operation seem legitimate. They are very funny together and provide the perfect pair of supporting roles.

What’s left for 2012? You have a few movies to look forward to during the semester. Today is the premiere of Killing Them Softly starring Brad Pitt, who doesn’t star in bad movies. Then next weekend is Deadfall with Eric Bana, which has not received good reviews thus far from critics. You can start off your finals right with The Hobbit, which is the long anticipated prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Your first night home from school will be a difficult choice between Jack Reacher and Zero Dark Thirty (I’d put my money on ZDT). Then you can use your stocking stuffed movie tickets to see my personal favorite Django Unchained – just watch the trailer. Other notables: Promised Land, The Impossible, and Not Fade Away. Yeah, I love movies.