Some guys believe women shouldn’t even be in the business world. I, on the other hand, want to smack whoever says that. Who are you to say that you’re a “better business man” than a woman is? If anything, women are better due to the men’s lack of emotion when making decisions and taking charge.

First of all, leadership skills are not a sex trait. Let me remind you, women still go to Bryant. There are women, not only on campus, but also in the real world, that are much more capable of handling stress than men are. We persevere through tough situations such as deadlines and money issues by figuring them out, not giving up. Men get frustrated faster, and therefore move to the next task at hand before completing the first. Their frustration also leads to more aggressive ways of leading a group or team. No one wants a leader who yells, trust me. Women, on the other hand, show compassion and acceptance towards ideas and problems. Teams feel more comfortable working with a leader who knows how to communicate in a calm and humane way.

Women, unlike numerous men, are also much more organized. We keep planners and calendars and sticky notes as well as alarms for every single event that goes on, or is planned, in our lives. We write things down too. Yeah guys, girls write things down, and remember them. Don’t get me wrong, men absolutely have some of these qualities that I am using to describe girls, but, many don’t.

Women, like men, do get stressed, but we handle it in a different way. We become quiet and focused, for the most part, while others become animals (a.k.a the men). Girls lead in a way where we are confident and excited, not cocky and miserable. We want to lead, whereas men feel as though they have to.

The whole “men are leaders” thing needs to end. Women are leaders too, and sometimes even better ones. The divide between men and women in the business world needs to end. We go to Bryant too.