“BRING THE CAMERAS BACK,” “Turn the Cameras back on!!” “Turn them back on. It’s helpful.” Over 660 Bryant students completed the survey to decide whether or not the dining cameras that had been installed outside of Salmo and South should be turned back on. The results? Some 59.8% of respondents voted YES. Administration is listening, and the Information Services (I.S.) department is willing to help.

The idea was simple – back in November, the dining cameras that had been installed as a part of the winning mobile app from last year’s 1st Annual “App-a-Thon” were turned off. About a month ago, I wrote an article asking for students to participate in a survey that would ultimately decide the fate of these dining cameras. Today, I write to give the results of this survey and to let Bryant students know that our administration values our voices and is working with us to make Bryant a better place. YES – dining cameras will be back at Bryant, but maybe with some modifications.

Although there is a limit to what the dining cameras can do in their current placement, based off of the more than 230 open-ended question responses received over the past few weeks, I think the I.S. division has gained valuable insight into what the student body wants. The following are some anonymous comments that I believe are helpful and should be used for future consideration in improvements to this technology.

• “Students just need time to get accustomed to the idea, because when you think about it, there are security cameras nearly everywhere you go in today’s world”

• “If the cameras were only made available to be seen by the student body and not by any outside people, this would be acceptable” (require Bryant login/password)

  • “Perhaps the cameras should only be operational during hours Salmo and South are open rather than a 24/7 live stream. This may avoid some of the privacy issues.”
  • • “Explain to students how and where to access the video camera screenings” In fact, the survey results indicated that 50% of respondents were NOT even aware Bryant had installed the cameras in the first place!

• “Usually, lines are not the issue, but the number of tables open in
Salmo are. If the cameras showed how crowded it was inside Salmo it would be much more helpful to the students”

• “The web page they were posted on didn’t look official; it was kind of sketchy”

The Information Services division will work with students over the summer to make appropriate modifications to the dining cams, and gain approval from administration prior to reactivating them for fall 2013.

As I wrap up this article, I also wrap up my campus newspaper career! It has been an absolutely fantastic 4 years of writing for The Archway, and I have enjoyed covering topics such as this one, the Women’s Summit, various clubs and organizations, new staff members, the IDEA Program, and of course Blizzard Nemo.

I have seen a lot of great change occur at Bryant over the past 4 years and it has all come from the representation of our student voices to our administration. I have no doubt that Bryant will be a better place in 4 more years than it was when I was a Freshmen.

There are so many people that I could thank who have supported me in my writing – Mom, Dad, Nick, the Archway staff and editors -please know that I truly appreciate you putting up with my crazy ideas and being my biggest fans. To my fellow Bryant peers and our wonderful administration – thank you for listening to me and being open to change, and I look forward to reading more of The Archway as a proud alumna.