froyoRight by the Lincoln Mall you will find a beautiful haven. Orbs of flowers float above you when you walk in. Shiny tiles glint all around. A cashier greets you happily as your eyes rove the place in wonder. You have entered a little heaven on earth: Kiwi Burst!

In case you haven’t been to Kiwi Burst, it is a self-serve frozen yogurt paradise. Cinnamon roll, cookies and cream, watermelon, red velvet, and cake batter line the wall. You never know what you will walk into next since they are always changing their flavors. The toppings are extensive, ranging from the healthy fruits to sugary wonders.

Like the typical self-serve of frozen yogurt, you start the epic journey to tastiness at the far end. You grab a cup and get all you can eat (or pay for). Typically you would mix all the flavors of the frozen yogurt and then go for toppings, but if you prefer toppings first, you are free to do as you wish. That’s the beauty of Kiwi Burst. Complete rule over the fate of your stomach.

Another nice bit is the cheesecake pieces. Scrumptious bits of melt in your mouth goodness are shown only when asked for. Good reason, seeing how tasty they are.

Also offered are frozen yogurt cakes. You call ahead, pick two yogurt flavors, and choose whatever you want in the middle. Then choose what you want it to look like. If you’re on a time crunch, just head on in to see what they have.

Have a bite at one of the wonders of Lincoln – right down the street from Bryant