salmoLike many students here, I feel like Salmo isn’t quite the best place to eat on campus, but not because of the food. Personally, I think that the cooks in Salmo do a pretty good job providing us with good food, though I will admit it isn’t always my favorite. I am constantly losing my desire to eat at Salmo for one reason, and that is the mess that is always left behind on the tables from other students.

If you go to lunch after 1:00 or dinner after 6:30, it is very easy to see what I’m talking about. Almost every single table is dirty from something that another student left behind. Now I’m not talking a few crumbs or something like that; students are leaving dirty napkins, silverware, glasses, plates, and trays on their tables expecting someone else to pick it up after them. It leaves less clean tables open for other students who are coming in to eat as well as making the eating area so much less sanitary. Bottom line, you are making it unhealthy for the other students to eat in Salmo!

I understand how some of you complain that you don’t like the food, but you’re the ones who are eating in Salmo; so either eat it and be respectful or don’t go. I also notice that many students believe that it is the Salmo staff ‘s job to clean up the tables and therefore clean up after them. I would like to point out that while they do wipe down the tables after the meals and they do clean them, picking up your trays, plates, and dirty napkins is not their job. I’m sorry, but your maid, mother, or whoever picks up after you at home stayed at home; you need to take care of yourself now. You are a grown college student. You can do it. It just requires a little bit of effort to bring your tray to the dirty dish rack. Some students say that because they pay $50,000 a year it shouldn’t matter that they leave their trays, but that is very rude and disrespectful to the employees who work hard to feed you. Salmo is not a full service restaurant; that is why there are no waiters/waitresses, and there is a dish rack to leave your dirty items.

Most of the money that you pay to attend Bryant goes towards the salaries of everyone who is employed by the university as well as the programs and clubs offered on campus. If you really don’t like how your money is being spent, don’t take it out on the poor Salmo staff; they don’t control it. Since this is a community, you need to remember that the money you spend also doesn’t revolve completely around you.

That’s the other thing, you are a part of a community, and you need to act like it. You are not superior in this community in the least. Whether you’re an athlete, president of some important club, or have some other reason to feel special and important, remember that the majority of people on campus don’t and probably will never know your name, and you are equal to everyone else in the community.

So, whatever your reasoning is for leaving your dirty things on the table at Salmo, please remember that it is not the staff ’s job to clean up after you. You are creating an unhealthy eating environment for everyone else, and it doesn’t take much to bring it to the dish rack. After all, you did carry all of it to your table and you even had food, too! Respect your community and clean up after yourselves!