Pick Pockets’ owner and main chef Tony describes his restaurant as the “best food in a gas station.” However, anyone who has ever actually had Pick Pockets knows that this is some of the best food anywhere. Pick Pockets’ “world famous” wraps and salads, along with their dinner plates and tasty desserts, bring a fun international spin to small town Rhode Island with a kick from the Mediterranean. A menu loaded with gyros, lamb, falafel, eggplant, grape leaves, and homemade hummus brings a beautiful touch to the Italian food dominated culture of Rhode Island. Visit the restaurant once and Tony will talk your ear off about how fresh the food is; he is not lying, it really is. Fresh meats in addition to homemade sauces and other ingredients bring the quality of Pick Pockets to another level.

Service is impeccable. The staff unbelievably friendly and welcoming. They make you feel at home and treat you like family; they’re always focused on you leaving happy and satisfied, even if it means sneaking you some free baklava or a complimentary bowl of homemade pita chips.

So you’re not really into Mediterranean food? This doesn’t sound healthy? There are tons of options available for you to “make your own” wrap. Beef, chicken, and veggie wraps are always available in addition to more local style BBQ, teriyaki, and buffalo sauces, so don’t worry! For those health conscious folks, this is a great choice as well. Fresh meat with no preservatives and a wide array of vegetable options are a health nut’s fantasy. If you’re getting ready for spring break, grab a chicken wrap and load it with green and red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and hummus and ready those abs for the beach!

It must be expensive right? Nope! On a college student’s budget, Pick Pockets is perfect. With prices almost identical to Subway if not even a little lower, for more than twice as much food, Pick Pockets is a bargain. Their prices are between $6 and $8 for pretty much any meal there. The best part? They love Bryant students. The restaurant in Smithfield is covered with photos of Bryant students enjoying wraps and salads at Pick Pockets and the menu has been altered to include all the custom orders of Bryant students.

Tony’s favorite times of the year include September and February when all his Bryant friends return. Even President and Mrs. Machtley hold Pick Pockets in high regard! The Machtleys and the rest of the office staff have ordered take-out from Pick Pockets a few times and seem amazed each and every time. Students like you and I are treated like family there. Whenever I walk in I’m greeted with a wide, welcoming smile.

I don’t even have to order anymore as they have memorized my wrap, and my Beef Teriyaki Burrito (with French fries on it) is basically made when I walk through the door. Pick Pockets has become a Bryant tradition, up there with Rentes (for you 21 years old; underclassmen, “Rentes” refers to Parentes Family Restaurant, a popular night time spot for those of legal drinking age). If you haven’t been to Pick Pockets, you need to step up your game and become a true Bulldog.