perrybandThe Band Perry, known for their songs “If I Die Young” and “All Your Life,” has just released their second album, Pioneer, at the beginning of April. For the readers not familiar with The Band Perry, they are a contemporary country group whose sound ranges from country to country-pop to pop-rock. The group is made up of three siblings – Kimberly, Reid, and Neil Perry. Kimberly provides the lead vocals for the group.

Thompson Square, Steel Magnolia, and Little Big Town are all similar artists. The vocals, provided by Kimberly Perry, on TBP’s new album pick up on tones from all three of these other groups. The Band Perry definitely has cross-genre appeal, even though they’re generally labeled as a country group. I would argue that, with Pioneer, they have entered into the pop-rock genre.

The Band Perry entered the music scene with their self-titled first album. Five of the eleven songs on The Band Perry’s last album were well- received as singles. Two made it into the Top 40 – with “If I Die Young” seeing the most success. The first two songs on Pioneer, “Better Dig Two” and “DONE.,” have already had success as singles released by the group.

But the other songs on this album are worth mentioning as well, even though they might be less popular at the moment. “Night Gone Wasted” definitely has potential to be a hit. The melody is catchy and the theme is always fun, but the chorus is a little weak. It doesn’t quite grab you like some of their more famous songs, and it won’t pull in fans of other genres, but country fans, I’m sure, will enjoy the sound.

“I’m a Keeper” is an upbeat song of self- confidence and independence. It’s one of the stronger songs on the album and will prove to be one of the more popular ones, I believe.

“Back To Me Without You” seems like a diamond in the rough. It could easily sneak past you if you’re not listening through the entire album. It’s another one of their songs that really is not country at all, and as a country fan, I still enjoy it. The song, with lines like “If it’s true home is where the heart is, I guess now I’m homeless,” is well-written and shouldn’t be written off.

This album definitely has country songs on it, but it reads more like a pop or pop-rock album with some of the songs. This is probably because of the lead singer, Kimberly Perry. Perry’s voice continues to prove that it has range. It can be a little rough, smooth, or just plain country. The songs on this album showcase the different types of music the group can successfully play.

It’s too soon to tell if this album is a hit, but it’s a strong second album for the group. Pioneer has already surpassed their first album by reaching #1 on the Top Country Albums and #2 on the Billboard Top 200 charts. The Band Perry, their first self-titled album, only reached #2 and #4 respectively. “Better Dig Two” has also achieved platinum certification as a single. If these are any indications of the album’s success, it should be well on its way to a platinum certification like its predecessor and lead song.

Give it a listen even if you’re not a country fan, because this album just might suprise you.