Each year, the prayer breakfast provides all those who choose to attend an uplifted feeling of inclusiveness and a hope for the new season to come. This year the prayer breakfast was be held on Thursday, February 7th in the Stepan Grand Hall of the Bello Center for Information and Technology.

Each year the breakfast is modeled after the annual National Prayer Breakfast held in Washington D.C. and is designed to give each attendee an hour of inspirational music, prayer, and a spiritual message.

Kati Machtley, the Bryant University Chaplains, and the Prayer Breakfast Committee invite a religious leader to be the keynote speaker at the Interfaith Prayer Breakfast. A different speaker from a different denomination is selected each year to provide an inspirational message which promotes peace and understanding. This year Brown University’s Chaplain R. David Coolidge spoke about Faith and Citizenship in Turbulent Times. He converted to Islam during his sophomore year of college at Brown University and went on to have extensive training in Islamic sacred texts, and eventually received his Master’s degree from Princeton.

In 2009 Chaplain Coolidge returned to Brown and is currently serving as the Muslim chaplain there. Bryant University was very excited to welcome Chaplain Coolidge to campus for the Interfaith Prayer Breakfast.

In addition to the Bryant Singers who performed at the breakfast, Michael Bennett ’13 delivered the Student Reflection. Bryant students and faculty of different faiths participated in the prayer breakfast by doing various readings. These included readings from the Bhagavad- Gita, the Christian Scriptures, the Hebrew Scriptures, and the Koran.