Being a freshman here at Bryant, I love food and know when it’s quality over quantity. I want to start off by saying this article has nothing to do with the way the food is made or of the staff that work at Salmo. This is purely written on the type of food and quality we purchase for the students and faculty.

So I am currently on the 14 meal plan, and it seems like Salmo can have its good and bad days. Now, I am personally all about first impressions, and when someone that is not from here visits, I feel it’s my job to describe all the great things at Bryant to them. One thing that I usually try and leave out is Salmo. Salmo has wonderful staff and is always clean, however I feel that the quality of food and options in food we get are limited. If we really want to impress students that are applying to schools like Bryant, I think it’s important to have the best quality food available. Although this may be at an extra
cost to Bryant, I think they can make some budget changes for a 50K school.

First is quality. I understand the food is made in bulk, but I suspect that there are meal plans that would allow us to upgrade the quality of the food. Also, if you look at it this way, Bryant promotes the diversity of the school that we have here, but there’s no food surroundings that would exemplify that! How about mini restaurants in Salmo like Chipotle, Sushi, or Hibachi? Not only would this “diversify” our school even more, but it would also give us more options to eat. Having more options and better quality food is not only a good first impression, but a long lasting one.

Now Bryant has taken on some of these endeavors by bringing in “Fancy Salmo,” but that’s for two or three nights a week! That doesn’t cover my meal plan so much. The best example I could use when talking about quality is the burgers here. I am a huge fan of burgers, but I had a few here and can honestly say they are not even half decent quality. I should be able to get the quality of meat that I could receive by going to a local Stop and Shop. Not some processed meat for a cheap price provided by the food company!

If Bryant were to at least bring a couple of diverse restaurants to campus, it would be a step in the right direction. And if they do plan on charging us to eat at the restaurants, because they wouldn’t be incorporated into our meal plan, at least at minimum make them work with our dining dollars. I love South and all, but the fact that it’s the only place that accepts dinning dollars and you can get a real meal is getting old. Food may not be the main deciding factor for students when choosing which school to go to, but if they were really torn between the two, I bet it could become the deciding factor; oh and maybe the 200K needed to go here, but that’s another story.