1. Perform a magic trick for Taylor Swift
2. Produce a YouTube video that receives more than 1 million views
3. Have lunch with Paul McCartney

A bucket list, by definition, is a list of all the things that a person wants to accomplish before they die. The above are the top three items that begin the bucket list of John Logan.
Logan explained how everything on his bucket list are things that people have told him that he cannot accomplish or things that people have challenged him to do. For example, the first item on Logan’s list is to perform for Taylor Swift. Now, a common misconception may be that Logan possesses some sort of obsession for Swift, but in reality it’s the opposite.
“I’m not obsessed with her, I’m obsessed with accomplishing things on my bucket list,” he said. “I like to do things that people tell me are impossible, and cliché as it may sound, we have to realize that the word ‘impossible’ is what drives curiosity and innovation in society. One time someone told me I’ll never get to meet her, so that made me want to do it even more.”
Logan, a sophomore here at Bryant, is quite well known around campus. A published author by the age of 19, Logan is often recognized for his friendly and amiable personality. Logan explained how he prefers to be known as an “entertainer or entrepreneur” rather than a magician.
His book, The Perfect Illusion: Life, is sold internationally and goes in-depth with a philosophical view on perception. In addition, Logan is featured in a national Toyota television commercial, and worked closely with Bryant University to help construct the “Why Bryant?” admissions video using sleight of hand. But first, rewind about seven years, when Logan first began to work on his magic skills.
“I was bored at a family party when I was about twelve, so I just sat down and started to learn just basic tricks,” he said. “I posted what I was doing online and before I knew it a talent agency contacted me and wanted me to sign a contract with them. Now, they had no way of knowing that I was only twelve because I never showed my face in the videos, but luckily we were able to work that out.” And the rest is well, history.
Trying to keep the book a secret from his parents, Logan wanted to surprise them to thank them for their support in all of his endeavors. He would go into school two hours early to work on it, and stay late after classes. More than a book about magic, The Perfect Illusion: Life challenges the reader to think outside of the box.
The book is aimed towards helping to foster skills which readers can use to pursue their passions. For example, creativity, motivation and self-confidence are all skills that are highlighted throughout the book in order to help the reader achieve their best potential in life.
While Logan himself does not know where he may go or what he will do after graduation, what he does know is that he wants to help inspire people in some way. He wants to ultimately thank his friends and family for their support throughout all of his endeavors, for each trick they watched and for all of their advice along the way.
Finally, his publication is bookended with the same scenario, and it also encompasses Logan’s main theme as well as his purpose in writing:
You are standing on a stage with a spotlight beaming onto your face. You turn around and see a line of people stretching far behind you. Young and old, poor and rich, and a plethora of cultures and backgrounds stand waiting for their moment in the spotlight. This is your moment. You have one chance to say anything you want to the world, anything at all to leave your impact on the generations that will come to be long after you are gone.
So, what would you say?