Bryant Students,
Student Senate would just like to welcome you back from your Winter Break and hope that

it was relaxing and fun. Now I hope that everyone is ready to get the semester going and that classes thus far are going well. This semester is going to be filled with all different events and other activities we will be participating in. We are excited to begin, and we are very open to listening to your concerns and comments about the different happenings of the school.

One of the major jobs of Senate is the budget hearings. Those started on Monday February 4th and will go until Friday February 15th. These are just the preliminary hearings where you will present your budget to the Ways and Means committee, and depending on their standards they will lower the amount or keep it as is. After these small budget hearings happen you will be invited to one of our Senate meetings, Margaret Wong will let you know when, and you will either accept or appeal your budget to Student Senate, and they will vote on your budget. If you have any further questions about budgets or the process of budgets you can email Margaret Wong at

Just to mention a few items that will be happening over the course of the beginning of the semester: We will be having Special Elections soon to fill our last Senior spot on Senate; so look out for those packets or email if interested. This weekend is our annual Spring retreat for Senate which will be held on campus this Saturday February 9th. We will have more updates next week on how our retreat went and what we covered.

If you have any other questions about Student Senate, clubs/organizations, or any other concerns you can tweet @BryantUSenate or Email us at We also have our weekly meetings at 4pm in Papitto on Wednesdays; so if you have any announcements or concerns you can join us during our meetings. Also, our office on the 3rd floor of the Bryant Center is always open to the students; so stop by and say hi!

Fun Fact: It would take a person 1,700 years in order for them to watch every video on Youtube