On Saturday November 10th, the Student Senate Committee Chairs (Student Life, Public Relations, Student Services and Academic Affairs) attended the New England Alliance conference at St. Anselm’s College in Goffstown, New Hampshire. The conference included Student Governments from eleven different schools all over New England, totaling over seventy students, coming together to discuss different issues on our campuses, as well as different ideas. One of the main topics that was discussed was how to get the student body involved and attending events— apparently that is an issue at all schools. We participated in small groups that focused on this topic, as well as others.

The part of the day that I found most helpful was when we broke out into focus groups based on our functions within student government. Since I am the Student Life chair, I met with other students who are involved in Student Life. This part of the day was very interesting, and I know that I came away with a few more ideas on events and ways to run my committee that I can put to use here at Bryant. Overall, it was very interesting to learn how different student governments are run at other schools, and to see that other schools are facing the same issues that we are.

The different topics that were discussed during this conference will be very beneficial in helping the improvement of Senate and ever-changing aspects of Bryant University. I’m looking forward to implementing some of the ideas here at Bryant and seeing how we can improve our Senate as a whole.