sasClass of: 2013

University: Fudan University

Location: Shanghai, China

Semester Abroad: Fall 2011

Duration: 4 months

Reason for going: I studied abroad in China to improve my Chinese language
skills for my major. I chose Shanghai because it is known for international business.

Best experience/memory:

My favorite experience was being able to live in a Tibetan village for a night. Our host families cooked for us and showed us their daily life.

Funny cultural experience:

Having to ride the metro during rush hour. I have never seen more people in such a small space.

How was the school different from Bryant University?: The school I attended had over 20,000 students. Most students had to ride bikes around campus to get from one building to another.

How did this experience change you?
From this experience I learned a great deal about independent travelling.

I never thought I could be so proficient at public transportation or be able to just hop on a plane and fly across country so easily.

Would you study abroad again given the opportunity?
Absolutely, I am currently applying for a chance to do a month of my summer internship in Norway.