CaptureFashion trends derive from a variety of different origins. Designers frequently
take the seasons into consideration, look at popular trends in foreign countries,
and peek into the past for inspiration. Commonly, fashions cycle in and out, with
clothing trends re-appearing decades after they first gained popularity. Producing
a contemporary twist on past trends has been an excellent and effective tool in
appropriating classic looks to fit modern style.
One trend that has been rapidly gaining popularity much to my delight is the
high-waisted style, a very flattering fashion statement in my opinion. Beginning
around the 1940’s and 50’s, when modesty in dress was valued above all, the highwaisted
style gave women an opportunity to wear conservative yet fashionable pants
in a time where low-rise jeans were decades away from mainstream use. Experiencing
many waves of popularity throughout its continuing lifetime, the high-waisted style
regained its status in the 1980’s, defining the decade’s overall “look.” Continuing on in
its cycle, high-waisted skirts, jeans, and shorts, are sweeping the country once again,
providing a new trend for the younger generation to follow. Appearing in all types of
clothing stores, the high-waisted style has once again made its mark on fashion and
should remain there until a new trend takes over, pushing high-waisted pants back
into the never-ending cycle of fashion.
Also caught in the rotation of trends is leggings, a cozy trend that has been
allowing women to wear comfy, baggy sweatshirts while still appearing fashionable
for decades. Leggings have been serving as a comfortable alternative to pants and
jeans since they began their reign on fashion in the 1980’s. Showing no signs of exiting
the scene, the easy pull-on-and-go nature of this awesome fashion item speaks to
both fashionistas and the fashion-challenged alike. The versatile nature of leggings
allows them to be worn by people of all generations at all levels of fashion expertise.
Allowing for both comfort and style, I don’t think I’m alone in wishing this fashion
trend will continue to flourish for decades to come.
An unexpected current trend is the maxi dress and skirts, articles of clothing
that defy the norms of popular fashion today. Characterized by their floor-sweeping
length, maxi dresses and skirts contrast the revealing style of many current popular
items. Combining the modest trends of the past with up-to-date styles such as the
halter top, cutouts, and lace, the maxi has transformed into a contemporary article of
clothing, appropriate for both formal and casual events. Proving that even the most
modest of designs can be modernized, the maxi is the epitome of the trend cycle;
merging old and new to create a desired look for the contemporary woman.
Though only three trends were touched upon, an infinite number of current
designs have drawn influence from the past, proving that all it takes to predict future
trends is taking a look back at the preceding ones. With the fashion cycle working
in full-effect, styles will continue to rotate in and out of popularity for eternity. Who
knows what current fashions will pop up in the trends of the future…we’ll just have to
wait and see.