Growing up, children fill their imaginations with dreams of becoming superheroes. A vision of fighting crime, capturing the bad guy, and being the one that saves the day fills their thoughts. As we age, we begin to accept that a spider bite will not make webs shoot out of our wrists and the ability to fly is controlled by the airline industries and various animals born with wings. What we can master however, is the illusion of superpowers.

Over a calendar year after Twitter and Instagram were filled with pictures of individuals and group taking a knee to replicate the “Tebowing” craze, the internet is being flooded with the new trend, “Japanese Makankosappo.” This originated from a group of Japanese schoolgirls who photographed themselves as if they were being affected by a famous move from the popular franchise Dragon Ball. After these photos were posted on a popular Japanese bulletin, it spread to the Twitter world, and has now gone viral internationally. Variations of this trend have surfaced as popularity increases, and as groups begin to take a different spin on the concept. Groups have done everything from adding a beam on photoshop to exaggerating the powers, using lines in the sand to illustrate a ripple effect from the powers, and the addition of broomsticks in the pictures to make it appear as if a Harry Potter themed quidditch game is being played.

Maybe we are incapable of actual superhuman powers, but our ability to deceive
the mind can at least let us capture the illusion. So if you still want to live the dream of being a superhero, even if it is staged and there is no real crime, now is your chance. Show the world what you are fictitiously made of.