I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m not always happy with the country I live in. Sometimes I admire other countries. I’ve criticized our government on many occasions (because clearly being a junior in college gives me the expertise to do that). I’ll admit all that.

What I won’t do is create and/or sign a petition to ask President Obama to “peacefully grant” my state “to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.” Those are the exact words from over 35 petitions on the “We the People” website – petitions. whitehouse.gov. These petitions are submitted not by the state’s government; they’re submitted by a resident of that state.

The “We the People” online forum gives citizens a way to petition the
United States, a right we’re granted in the constitution. The site lets anybody create a petition and if it reaches 25,000 signatures in 30 days, it will be reviewed by White House administration, and a response will be issued. So far, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana all are over that number with Texas at just over 100,000.

To these states (even though I know it’s not everyone in each state who agrees), I have something to say: do it. Go ahead; see if we care. I certainly don’t. Texas, why don’t you take running an entire country for a spin. I’d like to see you try. And Florida, you want to secede? You can’t even decide on who to elect in THIS country let alone an entire new country. If you think waiting for 4 days to count all your votes was a long time, wait until you try to vote on your own constitution. You guys will be waiting for WEEKS.

People immigrate to this country to have a better life. People send their sons and daughters here to schools like Bryant for a good education. The rest of the world still lets us get away with not using the metric system. And if you don’t like that? You can leave. Nobody’s stopping you; why wait for all that legislation and annoying governmental things that need to happen for a state to secede? Just leave. There’s plenty of countries for you to immigrate to if you think they’re so much better. A black President will be the least of your worries then.

I’d really like to see all these states try to form their own governments. I suspect there will be quite a few theocracies. And what’s that word for when there’s no government at all? Oh right, anarchy. If these states did secede, I predict they’d come begging to be reinstated in a few years.

Honestly, how do these people even think it would be possible for their states to secede? Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska…you’re all landlocked. You really want to be right in the middle of the country you just separated from?

My favorite petition, personally, is the one that asks if Austin, the capital of Texas, can secede from its state and remain part of the United States. There’s also several petitions asking the government to take away the citizenship of anyone who signed a secession petition and subsequently exile them. I do love a good exiling.

Ironically, the Obama administration was the source of this new forum for petitions that secessionists so readily use. Most of them are rebelling against his reelection on November 6th – the petitions starting popping up in the next few days and have continued into this week.

Democracy is what this country was built on. President Obama being reelected was that process at work. He won; get over it. He’s going to be the president for four more years, and then – guess what? He can’t run again. Democracy at its best. You don’t like him? Fine. But respect the democratic process. And I’ll respect your decision to leave this country if you’re that upset.

And it’s not just “red” states that are doing this. Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, California, and quite a few others have as well. Our own state of

Rhode Island petitioned to secede. Really, you Rhode Islanders? You want to make a country the size of a speck? Hey, if we do, I guess we’ll reach President Machtley’s 20 by 2020 goal.

Did people even think before making these petitions? I’m almost hoping this is all a ridiculous joke. After all, there is a petition to have President Obama do the hokey pokey on the same website.

I’m not a patriotic person. I’ve never hung an American flag outside of my house, and in high school, I usually just mouthed the Pledge of Allegiance or didn’t say it at all, but I know one thing: we have it good here. It’s real good here. America is flawed, but so is every country, every state, and every person.