tupperI cannot believe that it’s only been two weeks since you guys have been back from winter break! In that very short time, A LOT has happened.

First up, more than 750 freshmen participated in the IDEA program. Three days of early mornings, late nights, field research, presentations, and community service. Be proud, freshmen, because you got it done, and you’ve now completed more practical applications of problem- solving than 90 percent of college seniors at most other institutions.

Second, Bryant kicked off its year-long sesquicentennial celebration (that’s 150th anniversary to you and me). It’s a pretty big deal…did you see that cake? Rhode Island’s Governor Lincoln Chafee and Congressman David Cicilline came to say “Happy birthday!” And Bryant’s board of trustees – they’re all VIPs, you know – and Alex & Ani’s CEO stopped by, too.

Why should you care that Bryant is 150? I present to you “Tupper’s Top 5 Reasons Bryant’s 150th is Awesome”:

5. WE GOT CAKE! Holy schnauzer, did you SEE that giant cake replica of Bryant’s entrance sign? I wanted to sit on it, like I did the real sign, but I was denied… maybe next time?

4. IT’S A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been told I’m not going to see my 150th birthday. With a lot of care and teamwork, we made it further than a lot of other institutions! That’s my plan for me, personally, too. So, Momma, get cracking on home-cooking my food, will ya?

3. WE DON’T LOOK A DAY OVER 40! Old school, newer campus. When Earl Tupper, founder of Tupperware (and the guy I’m named after), donated his family farm in Smithfield to Bryant, he did it because he believed in the mission and leadership. I’m sure he’d be happy to see Bryant today, with me in charge…

2. SESQUICENTENNIAL! Say THAT 10 times fast! Seriously, it’s a cool word. Six syllables. And you won’t get that many chances to say it in your lifetime. I feel smarter using it in a sentence.

And the number one reason Bryant’s 150 is awesome sauce:

1. 150 HOT DOGS! Everyone’s getting 150 hot dogs to commemorate the anniversary…right? Right??

So there you have it. Tupper’s Top Five Reasons Bryant’s 150th is Awesome. Don’t forget – I’m on Facebook , and Twitter! Get at me! ’Til next time…WOOF!