We pay almost 50 grand a year to go to school here. You’d think that would include the price of a measly piece of paper that tells us our grades – officially.

At Bryant, transcripts cost $5 (plus more if you want it rushed) and for recent graduates, like Eric McCarthy, this just isn’t acceptable. “It’s the principle of it!” He exclaimed, outraged when asked about the $5 fee. A lot of jobs, and all grad schools, ask for transcripts, and as college students potentially applying to many places, the cost of transcripts can add up!

And if you’ve ever taken classes at a different school, like Kelsey, then your transcript cost adds up to even more. We’re already in heaps of debt; do we really have to be charged more just to prove we got above a 3.0 and slid by (barely) in History class sophomore year?

Disclaimer: Eric McCarthy was not outraged enough that he didn’t still pay the $5 for his transcript and did not go broke from the cost (neither did Kelsey).


  1. LOL this is great….I once got a 2 for 1 deal though because the transcript service was out of order for a while.