After a long anticipated wait, Game of Thrones made a rather (dare I say it?) dull comeback to TV Sunday night. Although the number of viewers will tell a different story – Season 3 premiered with 4.4 million viewers glued to their TV screens – I felt that the premier lacked anything truly attention grabbing . Without any sort of suspense, violence, or deceit that is often associated with Game of Thrones, the premiere contained no more suspense than the fifteen second sequence of a hooded figure following Dany as a demon child rolled a pokemon-esk ball with a scorpionspider hybrid towards her in an assassination attempt. (Wow. That was a mouthful!)

Season three picks up with the bad guys still being evil, and getting under our skin (except for Tyrion… we all know that secretly we want him to come over to the good side and give Ceresi and the rest of his good-for-nothing family a taste of their own medicine!), and the good guys doing their thing. Jon Snow is still out beyond the wall, where he has become a captive of the wildlings, swearing to be faithful to “whichever side is fighting for the living.” And as if the audience didn’t see it coming from a mile away, the romantic tension that is as plain as day between Jon and Ygritte, is sure to have some interesting developments this season.

Perhaps the most interesting new development during the premiere was the development of Margaery Tyrell – Joffrey’s new bride-to-be. In a scene that was reminiscent of the very beloved Princess Diana, Margaery entered an orphanage and spent time with the young children, passing out food, toys and talking with them. I think we can expect to see some interesting developments with Margaery Tyrell… especially in how she may, or may not, change Joffrey (Does anyone think that even a possibility?…. I must be dreaming to think that could ever happen). As for the going-on of the rest of the characters throughout the seven kingdoms… well, you’ll just need to watch the premiere for yourself.

One thing that can be said about the premiere, however, is that it certainly laid out many, many beginnings of what I’m sure will prove to be intricate, intertwining stories of deceit, trickery and vengeance (remember the conversation between Littlefinger and Sansa? What about the revelation of the hooded figure who saved Dany?) Don’t worry fellow Game of Throners, I am confident that this season has much still in store for us! Don’t become too faint hearted! Oh, and the cutie? Rob Stark? Yeah, he gets about forty five seconds of air time. Be sure to tune into HBO (Yes, Bryant has HBO! Thank the Gods – the old and the new) every Sunday night at 9 PM to see what season three will bring!