As college students, every day we hear our peers complaining about all the work that they have due in a short period of time and how they don’t have time for it all. This probably means that they are working harder not smarter. These days we have all the tools at our disposal, but many lack the skills to efficiently and strategically manage their time. Bryant students are notorious for being involved with many different activities on campus, and they need to get as much work done in as little time as possible.

Here are a few simple habits to boost your productivity when things get hectic.

Don’t forget what the word “urgent” means.

At Bryant we are constantly bombarded with updates, emails, phone calls, and texts. But, this does not mean that we need to respond to everyone that demands our attention.  However, urgent phone calls and emails should not wait until you are back at your computer. People should be able to know that they can reach you if they need to – regardless of where you are.

Be your own Trapper Keeper.

With endless technology at our disposal, there is no reason not to have a pristine calendar that is synced to all devices. Also, take notes during class and meetings to keep track of what is urgent and what can wait. Recording things on your device (so they’re searchable) is helpful when it comes to recalling important details and prioritizing tasks.

Bond over beer, delays, and proximity. 

Being productive doesn’t just mean reacting to what others are asking you to do. Have an event with one of your clubs or organizations? Take advantage of networking opportunities throughout the journey. Sit with new people at Salmo, and always introduce yourself to people who you sit next to in class.

While we are always trying to squeeze more work out of our minutes, we could be missing out on other things, like potential business relationships or mentorship opportunities. If you can, carry business cards or some other form of representation when the opportunities present themselves. The great thing about not being always in class or the library is that it gives you the chance to meet new people that you don’t normally come across every day. And you never know how these people could help you out in the future.

Working outside the classroom doesn’t automatically mean losing productivity. If anything, it enables you to take advantages of new opportunities without sacrificing your ability to work. With the right tools, you can still collaborate with your team, access your work files, and be productive while you’re on the go.